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Spark Ergonomics ground-breaking mobile workstations are designed and skillfully manufactured in Finland to mobilize patient care and to save costs. To prove it, we have already delivered as many as 10,000 mobile workstations to different healthcare organizations in Europe.

SPARKe Mobile Workstation Battery is durable, easy to use and ergonomic. Suitable both for sitting and standing at work with smooth height adjustment. Two (2) years warranty. SPARKe offers the widest product and accessory range on the market.

Our goal is to contribute to health care professionals’ work and make it easier by developing high quality, user friendly and ground-breaking mobile workstations. Our products excel in health and safety, durability, adaptability, usability and ergonomics.

SPARKe Mobile Workstation Battery model has changeable batteries so the workstation doesn’t require to keep connected with electricity via wall sockets. This model gives you the most freedom to move freely and mobilization is truly happening!

User Manual for SPARKe Mobil Workstation 2017

Healthy and safe

  • A lock protects your laptop from falling and theft
  • A round shape makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Can be cleaned with conventional detergents
  • No sharp corners or edges
  • Wheels revolve around 360° and front wheels are lockable
  • Convenient and safe cable mounting system

Small and handy

  • Easy to use
  • Moves easily and steadily
  • Takes up little space
  • Suitable for confined spaces
  • Easy to install a laptop
  • A sturdy grab handle

User friendly

  • Suitable both for sitting and standing at work
  • External mouse or keyboard option for your laptop
  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Easy to customize for different application purposes
  • A wide range of accessories

Fully adjustable display (accessories)

  • Display dock size: VESA Mounting Standard
  • Weight 15 kg max
  • Display tilt angle +/-30°
  • Height adjustment (relative to the table) +/- 100 mm
  • Display lateral adjustment
  • Display size 22” max

Ergonomic keyboard (accessories)

  • Pull-out keyboard tray
  • Tailored wrist rest
  • Keyboard size 170 x 545 mm max
  • Hand dominance is easily changeable on mouse support

Specifications of the basic configuration

Work surface 500 x 300 mm
Lockable drawer for laptop max 17”
– the lockable drawer also fits a charger
500 x 460 x 80 mm
Footprint (space requirements) 500 x 460 mm
One touch height adjustment between 900 – 1 300 mm
Height of keyboard 740 – 1140 mm
Mouse rest left / right
Front casters lockable ∅ 100 mm
Weight without add-ons 22 kg
Total height 815 mm
Maximum weight of computer 8 – 15 kg