Height adjustable table/desk ERGO DESK 800

Learning new is a process where environment has a great impact. The Ergo Desk supports  modern diverse teaching and has adjustable ergonomics to meet the needs of different users.

The Ergo Desk is suitable for both sitting and standing. The height of the desk is controlled by a lever operated under the desk top. Lifting is made easy, making it possible even for the smallest users. The desk top height can be adjust to 72-112 cm.

Made in Finland.





The standard Ergo Desk top is shaped at its front edge so that the pupil gets ergonomically close to the educational tool on the desktop, whether it’s a book, tablet, or computer. The pupil’s arms are allowed to rest to the sides with continuous wings, and muscle tension in the neck-shoulder region is reduced. The standard desk top size is 80 cm * 55 cm and it’s available in white, black, beech or beech.

The desk is easy-to-move around, thanks to its 360 ° swivel castors. Once the desk is in the desired position, the wheels can be locked tight and studying can begin! When stationary and in a sitting position, the stand part of the table can be considered as a footrest for a more ergonomic working position. The table stand has a floor area of 56 * 45 cm.

The shape of the desk top supports the creation of different learning environments and team workspaces. It’s easy to provide suitable desk groups for group works, small groups, audience groups for a lecture or presentation and so on.

The table is also available as a customer project with a colorful deck or frame (RAL color chart). A wide range of workstation accessories is available, for example trash can with lid.

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Technical details

Desk top size 800 x 500 mm
Floor area 560 x 450 mm
Height adjustment 720 – 1120 mm
Lifting force 12 kg (100 N)
Castors Ø 50 mm, two with lock
Desk top color standard: birch, beech, light grey, black
custom: RAL color chart
Guarantee 2 years
Accessories A wide range of Spark accessories is available