Perforated plate at facade construction

Posted by Aatu Inkiläinen

Perforated panel is a stylish option for building facades and interior design. Plates are possible to get according to your own drawings and design – perforated or patterned. We can also help with the designing process. Perforated plates have various of different cases of use: facades interior design, balconies, air ventilation holes, visual blocks, etc. Only your imagination is the limit. Lightning and shading gives plates a whole new dimension, varying with the seasons of year.

Perforated plates are made as elements and marked among the process, so setting the up is easy at constructionside.
Perforated walls are long-lasting and they can be coated with various techniques and paints. For it’s durability and recycleability the materials are also environmentalfriendly solution.
As materials rustproof or acid-proof metal, brass, copper or aluminium.
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